Monday, August 21, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-21

From ABC News:
Iwo Jima Flag-Raising Photographer Dead
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Missouri Man Faces Charges for 7 Charred Bodies
Had been ordered medium-rare

From ABC News:
Man With Two Penises Wants One Removed
Wife vetoed threesome

From ABC News:
Federline Raps, and He's Not Half Bad
By rap standards

From ABC News:
Male-to-Female Ratio in China Grows Larger
Enzyte hits Far East

From ABC News:
Exhibit To Break Record for 2-Headed Animals
Cerberus, Pushmipullyu complete exhibit

From ABC News:
Endangered Manatee Spotted Off R.I.
Peter Griffin goes swimming

From ABC News:
Church Fires Teacher for Being Woman
Tired of hearing her roar

From ABC News:
Las Vegas Passes Public Defecation Law
Craps tables to reopen

From ABC News:
Grey squirrel virus wiping out reds
Astros expected to win series

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