Friday, August 25, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-25

From CNN:
It's real life CSI for dinosaur detectives
"CSI: Pangea" debuts this fall on CBS

From CNN:
Nagin: NYC can't fix 'hole in the ground'
New York offers to put Nagin in a hole in the ground

From CNN:
Cell phones taking over as timepieces
Dick Tracy: "And I probably won't get the credit"

From KIRO:
Panel rejects mayor's plan for strip clubs
Panel chairman: "Have you seen the mayor naked?"

From KGTV:
Man pleads not guilty to cemetery thefts
Believes victims won't testify against him

From KFOX:
Fire rips through homeless shelter
Dozens of homeless now homeless

From CNN:
Charges against Kentucky governor dropped
Threatened to reveal the 11 herbs and spices

From CNN:
Beer baron Pete Coors pleads guilty to DUI
Not just the president...

From CNN:
Inca language gets jumpstart on Microsoft
780-year head start helped

From CNN:
Meet the first female space tourist
Demand shuttle pilot stop and ask directions

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