Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Inside-Out Day

First a warning. You might want to skip this one.

Unless you really want to read about my underwear.

Thursday was a really bad day. Everything went wrong.

I felt like I was getting nothing accomplished. I was battling all kinds of frustrations all day long.

And I was uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable.

Down there.

Yeah. There.

Like ... oh, I don't know ... just uncomfortable.

Then I found out what the problem was.

I had my boxers on inside out.

Not backwards. The fly was in the front.

But inside out.

Which wouldn't have been a problem. Except this pair has a button fly.

And, inside out, that means the buttons are on the inside.

Next to the skin.

And such.

Some days, everything goes wrong.


  1. Darling, turn the light on when you're getting dressed next time ;)

  2. Jo: Yeah, good idea. That way, I wouldn't also wear t-shirts with holes in them.

  3. LOL

    Sounds like the wife needs to take you shopping for basics when she goes to Victoria's Secret! First Spam, now boxers with buttons....wooo, I feel so special! haha Dare we ask about color? j/k! (Glad I wasn't drinking anything!)

  4. Boxers or Briefs?...

    Which do you prefer; boxers or briefs?...


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