Friday, August 11, 2006

Sean Gleeson and Jamie Lynn Spears Naked

Based on a true story

Daddy, daddy! Come see Basil. He funny!

Ha ha! Yes, his Headlines are cute. But he missed a headline I saw Tuesday.

Funny headline?

Yes, it was. Let Daddy use the computer. I'm going to write Mr. Basil and tell him about it.

Daddy funny, too. Write funny letter, Daddy.

Okay, here goes:

See now, it's been two days since I read the news "Spain Warns of Jellyfish Invasion," and I deliberately restrained myself from blogging about how they're closing the French border. Because I thought, "No, I'll save that one for dear Basil." But you totally missed it, didn't you?

No, you shall not pass!

What the...?

I am moderating your comment, because I think it might be spam. And not the good kind, either.

Honey! The computer's being mean to me!

I'm busy, Sean. These children won't raise themselves!

Sorry, Dear. I just wanted to tell you that the computer...

Sean! Busy!

Yes, Dear.

What's up?

Who are you?

I am Akismet! I protect WordPress blogs from spam. What's the problem here?

You won't let my comment through.

Hold on there, Okie. I haven't done anything!

You said my comment was spam.

That was me, Sean. Pay attention.

Who are you?

I am Spam Karma 2. I protect WordPress blogs from spam.

But I thought...

He lived here back on WordPress 1.5. We're now running version 2.

I work with version 2.

I come with WordPress already.

I protect blogs from spam with my spear and Magic Helmet.

Spear and Magic Helmet?

Spear and Magic Helmet!

Magic Helmet?! Hmph.

Your comment cannot go though. It might be spam. I'm going to moderate it. Basil can review it when he returns from the football game.

Baseball game.


But, the other day, I left a comment about Jamie Lynn Spears naked and you let it through. But you won't let my comment about jellyfish through? That's whack!

You've seen Jamie Lynn Spears naked?

Sean! Are you looking at Jamie Lynn Spears naked again!

No, Honey! I'm just talking to the spam filters. Everything's okay.

Hey, you know Sean's got a point. Why did you let the "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" thing through and stop the jellyfish?

Hey, you let "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" through, too! So don't blame me!

So, why did you block jellyfish?

I didn't block Jellyfish.

Then why did you block it?

You wrote "French"



Sean, you watch your language! Little ears are listening!

Sorry, Sweetheart! I'll do better!

Dude! You're whipped!


But what about my comment?

Did mommy say you could type words on the computer?

Yeah, you better be good or mommy spank!


Screw you guys. I'm going go read Instapundit or something.



Okay, I'm back. The Catfish won! WooHoo!

There's a comment in queue for you to review.

Oh, from Sean.

Hey, Phoebe? Did you say Sean could use the compuer?

Yeah, it's okay. Let it through.

Alright. It's done.

Thanks. You're the best.


  1. This is not a post...

    Sorry, I had this pretty good post I was writing, but I think I have to fix my blog first. More here.
    UPDATE I: But I am starring — along with Phoebe and assorted other Gleesons — in a real post over at Basil’s. (Warning: contains t...

  2. That was the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time!

    Thank goodness I didn't mention free big tit sites or Paris Hilton's cell phone numbe :)

  3. The Dead Castro Dance...

    Sean Gleason outdid himself. For your eyes only all eyes, the Dead Castro Dance!
    'Cept no pirates included! What's up with that?
    At least there is no discussion of Jamie Lynn Spears Naked. Heh!
    Go here for the 411 if you're going "Huh?...

  4. PS: the post won't show till later today. Wish there was a way to not send trackbacks till posts actually, well, post.

  5. You know, I had that problem with TypePad, but not with WordPress. At least not that I recall.

    You're running, what, WP 2.02? I just updated to 2.04 (and got a truckload of themes installed by DreamHost). Still, I don't remember that problem before. Maybe I just never knew about it.

  6. I set up alot for future posting, and they always send out trackbacks ahead of time. Happened with 2.0, too. Never had that prob with Typepad.

    Going to upgrade to 2.04 this weekend, probably.

  7. So far so bad. Updated the American Flag League and test blog. Dreamhost doesn't seem to want to update Pirate's Cove. The bastiches!

  8. Really? I had no trouble with any of my blogs.

  9. Tried it 3 times, trying a 4th. If that fails, going to yap with tech support.

  10. 4th times the charm. Had to log out of the administration zone.

  11. You guys are nuts. This was absolutely priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Please, do another sometime.

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful addition to the discussion.


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