Friday, August 11, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-11

From ABC News:
Robot Employed As Tour Guide
Al Gore gets new job

From ABC News:
Indianapolis Spree Claims 14th Victim
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Bill Would Help Study of Ancient Remains
Anything to get out of the house with Hillary

From ABC News:
Woman Comes Home to Find House Cleaned
Queer Eye Burgler strikes again

From ABC News:
Prison Elevator Smashes Against Shaft
Richard Rountree injured

From ABC News:
Expert: Odd Looking Animal Not a Hyena
Identified as 'Cindy Sheehan'

From ABC News:
Nine Arrested in U.S.-Asia Prostitution Ring
Only 36,349,207 more arrests to be made

From ABC News:
Bush condemns attempt to blow up Iraqi Islam site
Wants to wait until it's full

From ABC News:
Photog Fired Over 'Doctored' War Pics
Opens restaurant with new partner, Dan Rather

From ABC News:
Lebanese mothers lament war's effect on children
Wants to raise wild-eyed, radical terrorist in peace

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