Friday, August 18, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-18

From WTAE:
Man charged with smoking pot at McDonald's
Ordered a "Really Happy Meal"

From CNN:
Seniors shafted in Oprah ticket scam
Had to actually sit and watch Oprah

From CNN:
Study: Australia collided together
Bush blamed

From CNN:
NASA goes back to the future
Flux capacitor installed on shuttle

From CNN:
Woman finds 'God's water' gurgling from tree
Almighty wants it back

From CNN:
Politician's bikini photos rub French wrong way
French boys rubbing other things the right way

From CNN:
France defends sending 200 troops
Cheaper to feed 200 Frenchmen doing nothing and feeding 2,000 Frenchmen doing nothing

From CNN:
Justin Timberlake: 'Idol' champ 'can't carry a tune'
Adds, "only way he'd ever have a hit is with 4 other guys singing with him"

From WGAL:
Rapist featured on 'Oprah' gets 50 years
Oprah Rape Club not a hit

From WKMG:
Woman ordered to get rid of 168 cats
Worried she'll be charged with selling pussy

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  1. "Man charged with smoking pot at McDonald's"
    Vicious cycle


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