Saturday, August 12, 2006

Night Game Called On Account Of Darkness

Game two of the Catfish scheduled doubleheader with Greenville was not played. And folks weren't happy.

All the details here at Baseball-Fans Blog.


  1. for this saturdays double header i was appalled to see more people attend a bow hunting expo at the civic center instead of supporting our home team. Seriously, people that bow hunt think of themselves as sportmen when in reality they're everything but. You call placing deer feeders on a neerby tree all year long, then putting a tree stand up twenty feet from the feeder during hunting season and taking a easy shot hunting. please. then these country bumkin clowns drive up and down vitory dr. with the deer hanging off the tailgate as if they are boasting about they're outdoor prowess. unbelievable. should have watched the catfish instead. is there no pride in our city anymore?

  2. Not being one that hunts, I feel less-than-qualified to speak on the various aspects. However, my lack of qualifications rarely stops me.

    I don't get it. People here say there's nothing to do. Yet there are 70 professional baseball games locally, and 28 hockey games. If everyone in the area went to just ONE baseball game and ONE hockey game, we'd lead the leagues in attendance every year.

    And, who knows, they might just have a good time. And come back again.

  3. damn right they would have a good time...long as they could hear those hecklers down the third base line!


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