Monday, August 28, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-28

From CNN:
World's oldest person dies at age 116
Now in tie for World's Deadest Person

From CNN:
Suit: Winner promised to split record poker pot
Was bluffing

From KFOX:
Stolen ATM dragged for 2 miles
NAACP asks color of machine

From KMGH:
Teacher in trouble for displaying foreign flags
Still OK to burn U.S. flag

From CNN:
With Ernesto threatening, Bush visits Gulf Coast
Time to plant bombs to blow up levees

From CNN:
Court overturns mom's conviction in son's suicide
Just found out what "suicide" meant

From CNN:
McCready asks to withdraw plea
Claims 'was drunk' when made plea agreement in DUI case

From CNN:
Users say BlackBerrys improve life
Strawberrys dispute claim

From CNN:
MySpace links up with Google
Now easier for perverts to search for kids

From CNN:
Telescope set to reveal 'Big Bang'
Peeping Tom's equipment siezed


  1. Tie for the deadest person .... sometimes, you just kill me!

  2. Monday's...

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  3. Humor from the e-mail of Prchal and the usual suspects …...

    According to Doc on the Gulf Coast, this is
    Nothing New!!! - CA birthday
    California, founded 156 years ago (on August 26th)!! Do you know what happened this week back in 1850, in California?
    California became a state.
    The State had no electricity....


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