Thursday, August 24, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-24

From ABC News:
Pluto Set to Be Demoted to 'Dwarf' Planet
Snow White readys new room

From ABC News:
Two Plead Guilty in Mo. Sextuplets Hoax
Authorities became suspicious when one child looked like Marlon Wayons

From ABC News:
Bare-Breasted Porn Stars Ride Choppers
Many bikers are proud of their hogs ... and their bikes

From ABC News:
Pa. Officer Accused in Bra Theft Scheme
Scam designed to take advantage of boobs

From ABC News:
Clemson Univ. Slaying Raises Concerns
Demand stadium drop "Death Valley" nickname

From ABC News:
Some who returned to New Orleans consider leaving
Government checks ran out

From The Times Express [via John the Methodist]:
New pastor once sat in pews
Most of congregation still sleeps there

From ABC News:
Philippines asks for hair, feathers to soak oil spill
Cher saves the day

From ABC News:
Bangkok: Asia's Capital of Sex Change Surgery
Name of city finally explained

From ABC News:
Augusta Arena Renamed for James Brown
Fans flock to "Drives Like A Crazy Man Arena"

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  1. [...] Basil. My favorite comedy bit, other than “Bangkok”, is the item in his blog about New Orleanians thinking of leaving. They are reduced to living off of savings or even “reduced cash flow”. [...]


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