Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-23

From CNN:
Bush, Rockey talk Katrina
Bullwinkle refuses summit

From CNN:
Aztecs butchered, ate invaders
First civilization to go out for Mexican

From CNN:
Anfal survivor describes gas attack
Saddam blames high-fiber diet

From WMUR:
Woman dies after rescue boat sinks
New meaning of 'rescue' fails to catch on

From KMBC:
Storm takes out 15 utility poles
X-Man heroine dating again

From CNN:
Bush pardons 'Deliverance' actor
Says actor 'sure do got a purty mouth'

From CNN:
National Lampoon co-founder dead at 59
"National Lampoon's Hell Vacation" in theatres this Fall

From ABC News:
Political Fertility Gap: Liberals Not Having Babies
Too busy screwing America to screw each other

From ABC News:
New Restaurant Bears Hitler's Name
Won't let health inspector look in ovens

From ABC News:
Safe Sex: Scientists Working on Kangaroo Contraceptive
Most difficult part is putting on condom

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