Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-08

From NY Post:
Egyptian Students Vanish In Big Apple
Apple full of worms

From ABC News:
Beaches Black As Licorice: The Spoils of War
Freaknik expands

From ABC News:
Iraqi Reality TV Show Defies Odds
"Who Wants To Be A Suicide Bomber?" debuts

From ABC News:
Public Sees Blame to Share in Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
Half blame live terrorists, half blame dead terrorists

From ABC News:
Stone's 'World Trade Center' Tiptoes Around Controversy
Doesn't want to blame those that blew up the buildings for blowing up the buildings

From ABC News:
Party Girls Defend Mel
Defends actor: "He looks so hot in that brown shirt"

From ABC News:
Study Links Pro Wrestling to Teen Date Violence
Triple-H dating again

From ABC News:
Cops Quickly Find Stolen Doughnut Truck
Evidence missing

From ABC News:
NATO Mistakenly Kills Afghan Policeman
Meant to rape his wife, daughter

From ABC News:
Massive Manatee Favors Manhattan Suburbs
Michael Moore moves out of city

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