Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Won't You Be My Neighbor

As I mentioned in my very first post, there were some blogs that influenced my decision to start this thing up. Little Green Footballs was a nightly read. Yeah, they got some wackos there, but have you looked at your own family lately? I am a fan of Mr. Johnson and many of his regulars. Later, I found IMAO. Frank J. is funny! Then, Right Wing Duck. I could read his stuff all day long. Those two introduced me to the humor blogs, and hooked me on blogs. So, if you want to blame anyone, blame those two clowns. After I started up this little blog, I discovered Bad Example. It was a little different taste for me, but one I quickly acquired. It's now a daily read. Others followed, including some of my other absolute favorites, but I'll stop with Harvey and Example for a minute. Harvey has a pretty good size blog family. But I'm not a member. But he has been a tremendous help to me. Some of the help was in the form of something he wrote. Other was in response to questions I placed directly to him. But whatever the form, and whether he knew or not, he has been a tremendous influence. So add him to the ones to blame. Well, Bad Example has something called "Annoying Neighbors." And Harvey listed the criteria for being classified as such:
Bad Example Annoying NeighborSo, if you're on my blogroll, you're entitled to display this, if you're so inclined. ... Aw heck. Let's open it up a bit. If you've ever gotten a link from me in your whole bloglife, feel free to slap it on your sidebar as a badge of dubious honor.
I don't meet the first criterion, but I finally met the second, when Harvey was kind enough to publicly thank me for something I provided him. So, since I meet the criteria, I've set myself up in the Bad Example Neighborhood by adding the link and the graphic to the side column in the "Alliances" section. As a Bad Example Annoying Neighbor, I promise to keep the goldfish on its leash, the grass cut most of the time, the Christmas lights down by the week after Easter, and make sure the refrigerator on the front porch is always plugged in and well stocked. At least until Harvey evicts me.


  1. i would like to thank all of the influences mentioned by basil because without you, he never would have started this little blog that i laugh my pinkytoe off whenever i read it.


    And curb that freakin' goldfish!

    *mumble* guldurn whipper-snappers *mumble*


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