Friday, March 11, 2005

Headline News: 3/11/2005

From BBC:
Italian rescue 'kept from US'
Bush blamed

From BBC:
NYPD cops 'were Mafia hitmen'
Sipowicz, Clark deny charges

From BBC:
How Gorbachev got top job
All the older communists died

From Washington Post:
'Ghost' Detainees Held by CIA
Caspar, Ghostly Trio suspected of terror ties

From CNN:
United States quits foreign inmate accord
Was ignoring it anyway

From ABC News:
Man Said to Pose As Dead Mom for Pension
Norman Bates arrested

From ABC News:
Florida Lawmaker Seeks Toilet Paper Tax
Charmin, AngelSoft, Quilted Northern, Michael Moore and other ass-wipes subject to tax

From ABC News:
How to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy
Stay out of debt

From E! Online:
Jane Fonda Getting Hip
Tired of being square

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