Sunday, November 6, 2005

Boy Blunder

Now that Karl Rove has been cleared by a special prosecutor, it is time for Bush to dump him. With his poll ratings below the Detroit Tigers' winning percentage, the president needs to rally the people behind him.
I know Bush does not set policy by opinion polls, etc., etc. But he does need public support of those policies.
Boy genius? The closest win in U.S. history followed by a 3-pointer at the buzzer against an elitist line-jumper. As the Joker used to say of Robin: Boy Blunder.
Pretty bad with elections in California, New Jersey and Virginia tomorrow and the prez is persona non grata.
Rove's ineffective. Dump him so he can write his book.
[Note: Even lefties are giving up on their dream of Rove's frog-marching perpwalk. Says Techno Chittlins: "Via JustOneMinute, ol' Darth Karl may not be out of the woods yet, but this is getting, well, trivial...."]

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