Sunday, November 6, 2005

Brain Dead

Meet Joseph Komosinski, the registrar of the state of New Jersey. His job is to make sure that the register of voters in the Garden State are eligible voters. He has held the job for two years now.
The other day, Komosinski told a judge that he didn't know it was his job to purge the rolls of Dead People. Yea, and I am the King of Switzerland.
To her credit, State Superior Court Judge Linda R. Feinberg ordered the jerk to go back and take every dead person off the register -- going back 20 years.

Cross posted at Florida Masochist and Don Surber.


  1. I demand to know how much he gets paid and what I can do to take over that job!

  2. Boy would I love to have his job.

  3. whatis the hiring criterion for his job? 1 working neuron? 1/2 a working neuron? I'd love that job too!


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