Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Headline News: 11/1/2005

From Washington Post:
Fed Raises Key Interest Rate
Rest of Florida's rates remain the same

From Washington Post:
Louisiana governor seeks tax cuts
Wants incompetence deduction doubled

From CNN:
U.S.: Quake aid helicopter apparently fired at
New Orleans residents taking refuge in Pakistan

From KMGH:
Governor supports fence along Mexico border
Hopes to be replaced by a fence post soon

From CNN:
Bush assassination plot trial opens
'Scooter' Libby indicted, Cheney still under investigation

From CNN:
Study: Design flaws in New Orleans levees
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Frenchman Rescued From Well After 5 Days
Had never seen water before

From ABC News:
Husband Allegedly Lit Wife on Fire After Order of Protection Dismissed
Order of Protection Reinstated

From ABC News:
Death Sentence Possible for U.S. Soldier
Nightline uncertain whether to run his name and picture on "Cost of the War" episode

From ABC News:
UN establishes annual Holocaust Day
Iran, Syria offer to celebrate by killing six million Jews

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