Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Headline News: 11/2/2005

From Washington Post:
CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons
Not a secret any longer

From Washington Post:
Bush Adviser Says Policy Forbids Torture
Policy to be changed

From CNN:
Denver voters OK marijuana measure
City going to pot

From New York Times:
Coloradans Vote to Give Up Tax Refunds
Proof marijuana makes you stupid

From CNN:
Court: Parents not sole providers of kids' sex ed
Neighborhood pervert has role to play

From WTAE:
Woman charged with stealing $345 in gas
Filled up her Mazda, drove off

From WRTV:
Men accused of fighting nude
At jail, pair was butt of many jokes

From KMGH:
House for sale, bride included
New meaning of whore house

From CNN:
Wikipedia may go to print
If successful, may be sold door-to-door

From CNN:
Popstars turn to tech for a hit
Makes up for lack of talent


  1. Wednesday

    Full of Crap: We Need More Slurs Against Neoconservative Jews Widgerson Library and Pub: Here's an Argument for the Permanence of Marriage Basil's Blog: Headline News Point Five: French To Add Rioting As Quintessential To French Identity The Daily...

  2. Typical Moore. The book title is so apt, Do as I say, not as I do, this would apply to most Democraps. : )

  3. If basil Were My Advertising Executive

    An advertising slogan generator is occupying my wee little mind, and I added basil-styled comebacks in italics:
    Top Breeders Recommend Fistul Of Fortnights
    As do the LLamas ….
    Because Fistul Of Fortnights Is Complicated Enough
    Nah. It’s ...


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