Monday, November 7, 2005

Headline News 11/7/2005

From ABC News:
Man Becomes First Killed in French Rioting
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Astronauts Install Space Station Cameras
PATRIOT ACT impact felt everywhere

From ABC News:
Astronauts Want Asteroid Collision Plan
Most Americans want asteroid collision avoidance plan

From ABC News:
Sri Lanka Candidate Offers Cows if Elected
New York voters got same deal with Hillary

From ABC News:
Mayor Says He'll Resign if Re-Elected
Right wing wants same deal with Hillary

From ABC News:
In China, Hunt on for Loch Ness Monster
Chinese students geography scores hit all-time low

From ABC News:
Judge Aims to Prevent Dead Voters in N.J.
Democrats oppose, cite 1960, 2000 presidential elections

From ABC News:
Jury Rules Against Woman in Genital Gluing
Will appeal, says ex-boyfriend was already stuck on himself

From ABC News:
France announces curfews to stop riots
Chirac: "Now stop rioting or I will taunt you again"

From ABC News:
Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture'
Adds: 'But we are trying'

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