Thursday, November 3, 2005


As Paris burns, as l'intifada expands beyond the suburbs, as his nation is under siege, one wonders if Jacques Chirac does not want to reconsider his decision not to fight al-Qaeda on Iraqi soil instead of France.

Linked to Florida Masochist and Don Surber.


  1. Is there a chance that you would be willing to explain your need to be so deceptive in this post? As you well know:
    Paris is not burning.
    France is not under siege.
    England and Spain endured more deaths from terrorists while fighting in Iraq, which they did, than France, which did not.In fact, I don't think who suffers more deaths, or where, matters a whole lot, but apparently you do.
    You certainly are smart enough to know that your post's implications are not true. So why don't you engage honestly with your readers?
    I don't get it -

  2. [...] Weapons of Mass Destruction provides us with a thorough round-up, as well. Super Fun Power Hour asserts their leaders have no spines. Don Surber outlines the isse. A Blog For All discusses how Paris is still burning. Basil’s Blog has a daunting analogy. Filed under: War on Terror [...]

  3. After katrina STRUCK the gulf states, the French media attacked the USA.
    "... the hurricane has revealed America's injustices and weakness...its racial divisions: the poverty of those left behind, and lack of leadership of the president...etc, etc."

    I wonder about what the journalist who wrote this, is thinking about the "Paris Intifada"


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