Saturday, November 5, 2005

Lady Godiva Weeps

A left coast federal judge, Garland Burrell, has ruled that women bearing their breasts do not constitute protest.
"Do you think the founding fathers had this in mind when they drafted the First Amendment?" he asked Matthew Kumin, the lawyer representing Breasts Not Bombs.
Well, who is to say they did not? Jefferson may have been a leg man, but Franklin always struck me as having higher asperations.
I would have fouled out this group for being humor-challenged. Boobs Not Bombs, ladies! But surely our Founding Fathers were well aware of that 11th century beauty, Lady Godiva who road through the streets of Coventry nekkid to protest taxes.
Her act of defiance predated the Magna Carta by nearly two centuries.
I suggest the judge review Ghost v. Howard, Fine, Howard, 1949.

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