Thursday, May 4, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-04

From ABC News:
Bill Gates Wishes He Wasn't World's Richest Man
6,513,822,422 people offer to take his place

From ABC News:
Bra Sets Off Metal Detector in Calif.
Madonna arrested

From ABC News:
Goat Batters Way Into Elementary School
Wants to know who's been tripping over his bridge*

From ABC News:
Cable Co. Apologizes to Retired Teacher
Accepts blame for 57 channels and nothing on

From ABC News:
Advocate: Metal Detectors Too Sensitive
Gay magazine tells devices to 'toughen up, be a man'

From ABC News:
Man Tries to Smuggle Pork in Baby Diapers
Yes, that was a sausage in his pants

From ABC News:
Celine Dion Returns to Performing After Illness
Now public can get sick of her again

From KOCO:
Cows on the loose after cattle truck tips
Students misunderstand cocept of cow-tipping

From KFOX:
Bomb squad called after pizza delivery
Turns out to be a really bad case of gas

From CNN:
My husband is not a lame duck, says Laura Bush
First Lady adds: "Oh, you said 'duck' ... never mind"


  1. Thursday...

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  2. manto:
    I certainly appreciate the visit. And wish I had seen that one story from FNC.

    I usually find a goldmine of headlines to screw with at ABC or CNN's site, although I never watch those "news" channels at home.

    I wish you had left me a real email address. Don't be afraid. I'll send you a Gmail invite if you need one, and don't want to use your newscorp email address.

  3. I'd like to get in touch with Bill Gates--I'm loaded with ideas on how to spend his money!


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