Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Blogging Through Time With Danny Schechter

March 5, 1770

Earlier tonight, European peacekeepers fired on rioters in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. No casualties were reported by the soldiers of the 29th Regiment, but five of the illegal demonstrators were killed. [more...]

April 12, 1963

A Baptist minister from Georgia was arrested today for leading an illegal demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama. Rev. Martin L. King and others of his sect were arrested for protesting the local police protecting property owners and other citizens from a mob of over 1,000 protesters who marched through the streets of this quiet southern city the previous week. [more...]

July 3, 1964

Earlier today, five Christian fundamentalists stormed the Pickrick Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Lester Maddox, the small businessman who owns the establishment, was later arrested after defending his property from the illegal demonstration. [more...]

August 14, 1980

The citizens of Poland are in danger of facing shortages as the summer ends. An illegal demonstration in the city of Gdansk by anti-government workers has shut down the Lenin Shipyards. [more...]

Danny Schechter is a television producer and independent filmmaker who also writes and speaks about media issues.

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  1. I never realized that CNN had programming back then.

  2. Ahh, the C is silent, I just finished reading Danny Schechter's article. Boy is ole Danny boy a weenie (to say the least). Did you see the signature of his first commenter? The guy actually put MBA after his name, wow, how petty do you have to be to sign your name with the initials of your graduate degree after your name or is that proper commenter etiquette on liberals sites?

  3. It means My Brain Atrophied.

  4. Basil may long for the days when states were blue and gray, not red and blue, and men were men and not mice, but after all these decades after the night they drove old Dixie down, why the regional rage, and why your reader's "weenie" reference because someone who writes to me--a former military officer by the by--signs his name with his degree.

    I use ND (News Dissector) after mine and look more like a Bratwurst than a wiener.

    Give it up Basil. Cute but no cigar. I was also part of those "illegal protests" that helped transform the South and supported the protests in Beirut that the government there, not me, called "illegal." That government is gone.

    In the unlikely event your readers want to know what I care and write about visit: www.mediachannel.org

    Danny Schechter

    Check out an old TV show called "You Are There"


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