Friday, March 18, 2005

To All Allied Blogs

A message has been sent to all the blogs who are engaged in battle.

If any other blogs wish to assist in the Good Guys (currently, Americans all) against the Bad Guys (the SortaBritish Sortapundit and his pet skunk), you are invited. Just leave a comment or a TrackBack.

We have lost two of the sacred seven search phrases, but will strive to bring them home safely. Again, thank you to all members of the Good Guys Alliance in this epic struggle.

BlogRoll of the Good Guys in the Great Blog War vs. Sortapundit:The Alliance
21st Century Paladin
Assumption of Command
Down for Repairs
GOP and College
GOP and the City
Mean Ol' Meany
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Nickie Goomba
Ogre's Politics & Views
Our Life
phin's blog
Pirate's Cove
The View from the Bunker
Travis Benning
Tursiops Times


  1. Blog War!

    This blog is putting it's resources behind Basil. To get more information on how you can help, email me.

  2. Call To Arms

    With Basil's call to arms, we are ready for battle against the sortawanker...sortapundit

  3. Isn't this blog war just over porn? My blog is #1 for historical facts like "the normans discovered americans in miami" and cultural knowledge such as "forbidden by the islamic religion, name the item that should never be given as a gift."

  4. Actually, it's not about porn.

    And tonight, with the 6:00 PM (Eastern) update, you'll see.

    Believe me, you'll see.

    Oh, and if anyone tries to take your spot in those search terms, let us know.

  5. According to my search page, GOP in the City has taken over the #1 result for the Midget Strippers link, with Basil's Blog as #2, and SortaPundit as #3.

    I'm still remaining quasi-neutral.

  6. Thank you for the update. That's great news!

    Sorry we can't get you on our side. Does you Blog-Mom know?

  7. I know, but think he is playing it safe until just the right time ;)

  8. Sorry. You know how kids can be.

  9. This one's for you Sortapundit

    Today I wish to speak to you about a struggle which we do wage every day, a struggle we must win if we're to protect our search engine results and our way of life. At stake are search engine results essential to our blogs rankings. Protecting these r...

  10. I throw down my gauntlet

    I will step into the Blog War on the side of the just, the horny, the good, the funny, and all else that is American.

    For the sake of all that is holy, the Basil Alliance must protect its dominance in the seven sacred blogging terms:


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