Thursday, November 3, 2005

Girlcott This Blog

That is correct. Please GirlCott this blog so I can get lots of free publicity. It seems to be the marketing strategy for Abercrombie & Fitch.

The once-proud retailer of clothing to uppercrust men decided to make a quick buck and hit the mallrat crowd in the '80s. Now that is so, like, 1980s. To goose quarterly sales, it knocks off a dumb T-shirt now and then just to piss people off. Bob Wise fell for this when he was governor of West Virginia and A+F got some cheap publicity.

Now A+F marketeers have come up with a new word -- girlcott -- and some T-shirts aimed at pissing off feminists.

Correction: The Allgheny County Girls as Grantmakers came up with the word. A+F merely exploited it.

Oh yea, I can see Bella Abzug coming down to the A+F store to decry exploitation. What? She is dead? So is this dumb idea.

So do not girlcott this blog!

Cross posted sorta at Don Surber and Florida Masochist.


  1. Hello, I happen to be a member of the program (the Allgheny County Girls as Grantmakers) that ACTUALLY coined the "girlcott". I think you should checck your facts, as it was actually us, not A&F, who came up with this "girlcott".

  2. LOL. Funny post. I wrote about this too on my blog, but had not thought about A&F doing this intentionally as a marketing stunt. Good observation. Nice blog.


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